Twitter is a great way to connect with new people, keep in touch with people you know, find out the latest news and get your message out there!

Here are our top ten tips for Twitter…

  1. Profile Picture – this needs to be striking and simple! Using block colours behind your logo helps grab attention.
  1. Header Photo – this needs to be a strong image that reflects an element of your business. The more eye-catching, the more people will be drawn to your profile.
  1. Username – This needs to be obvious, straightforward and relate to your company. This makes it easier for potential followers search for you.
  1. Short, Sharp Summary – This little bio should be to the point and summarise your business.
  1. Location – Input your location to highlight that you’re based locally.
  1. Website – All of your marketing efforts should point to your website – so it’s essential that you feature this on your page to guide people to your website!!
  1. Pin tweets – Pin any tweets you think are important so those visiting your page can view the most important tweets first.
  1. Quoting Tweets – This is a good way to show your opinion, personality, beliefs and interest in others.
  1. Use of Pictures – Everyone loves a picture as they generate more engagement and helps to illustrate your comments clearly. It also makes your newsfeed more aesthetically pleasing – A win, win!
  1. Creating Lists – When following hundreds of people you can miss important things! Which is why lists are created to filter your customers and competition making your account much more effective.


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