One of Lisa Cartlidge’s most recent success stories is a 17-year-old girl who completed a course of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions.

The client came to Lisa after battling with anxiety for a number of years. Her plans to go to University and kickstarting a career had been put on hold due to her mental health struggles. At its pinnacle, her anxiety was heightened to a level which meant even socialising with friends was a challenge. Lisa’s methods encouraged the young lady to concentrate on her preferred future and personal goals, guiding the mind to diminish destructive thoughts.


The passage below is the client’s testimonial of her experiences with Lisa Cartlidge Hypnotherapy:

“I have suffered with anxiety all my life but it wasn’t until I was offered a place at University that I decided to seek help. It had got to the point where I was unable to do normal things like go to school, get a job or be in social situations in unfamiliar places. Something needed to change.

A change in my mind-set was noticeable after just one session with Lisa, I began thinking more positively and was generally more confident in myself. I wrote a CV before my second session and began volunteering in a charity shop before my third, things I would never have done prior to hypnotherapy.  

Since this experience, I feel like a new person and my life has transformed beyond words. Lisa is an approachable and lovely person who is easy to talk to and genuinely supportive. I would strongly recommend her courses to anyone who is struggling with mental health problems, you won’t look back.”

After seeing such a dramatically positive change in her daughter’s attitude to life, the client’s mother contacted Lisa to express her gratitude:

“Anxiety prevented my daughter from attending full-time education at the age of 12. Despite visiting a child councillor, she could only cope with one hour of school each day. There was a 3-month period when she was unable to go anywhere on her own. She couldn’t have dinner at a friend’s house or go to sleepovers, and unsurprisingly her exam results suffered.

She finally returned to school once she had established a strong network of friends but had to stay on at Sixth Form, getting a part-time job was not an option. She had only just become confident around her peers and was terrified to start afresh. She dreamed of going to University but we knew this would not be possible unless something changed drastically.

My daughter’s life changed on February 6th of this year; the day she had her first session with Lisa Cartlidge Hypnotherapy. Before her second appointment she was volunteering in a charity shop and eating out with friends; trivial events to others but milestones to us. In celebration of turning 18 in April, my daughter went nightclubbing and to a festival. 

On Sunday I dropped my daughter off at Bath Spa University after she passed her A Level exams with flying colours. She is having the time of her life, being the happy and confident young lady I always knew she could be. I cannot thank Lisa enough for what she has done for my daughter.”

In celebration of World Mental Health Week, Lisa Cartlidge Hypnotherapy is offering a 15% discount for all appointments in October. 

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