Amazingly there are around 60 million new photos uploaded to Instagram every day! Since the release of Instagram in 2010 the purpose of the app has remained relatively constant but the users themselves have become far more sophisticated. There is nothing more we love than looking at people’s dogs, breakfasts and selfies. For us curious folk it is a great way to snoop without moving from the sofa with our cuppa.

Our wonderful creative minds have given some top tips in order to boost your profiles and followers.

Good Instagram photos require good planning. Just like shooting film – they require planning. You have to put yourself in a good position to get a good photo. Experimenting with angles and of course, planning around the light remains an important feature for capturing great photos for Instagram.

Take LOTS of photos. The more you take the more chance you have to get the perfect shot for your Instagram post.

Shoot your photos outside the Instagram app. Like most of us here at Finnick Creative we use the normal camera app rather than the Instagram camera when shooting an image for social media. Its easier to access when the ideal occasion arises and offers more control than the Instagram camera. The camera app allows you to set your focus and select what you are exposing.

Make sure you have good lighting. All smart phone cameras work better when they are well lit.

Don’t be afraid to hold your camera horizontally like you would with an ordinary camera. Some of us here find it easier to frame your image later. Shooting in a square frame is optional but remember you can always edit and crop your images later – you don’t want to miss something.

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