Are you feeling Christmassy yet? No? After reading this blog you most certainly will. We are currently in the interim of getting seriously Christmassy. I’m a Celebrity is slowly filtering in the Christmas adverts, The X-factor is dropping contestants worryingly fast and Strictly Come Dancing is nearly over. We can’t help but salivate over all the yummy festive treats being showcased every other advert and we’re constantly being reassured that Iceland can cater for Christmas parties.

The topic of conversation in the office this past few days has been our favourite Christmas adverts ever. It is a big decision but it has put us all in high festive spirits.

Here are our office top selections:

The Coca-Cola advert


This year will mark the 22nd year that the coca cola advert has been on our screens! 22 years of the coca cola jingle triggering Christmas joy in everyone from young to old. This was a popular selection amongst us.

John Lewis – The Long Wait 2011

Paired with the song by The Smiths’ ‘Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want’, the 2011 advert shows a young boy who can’t wait for Christmas Day to arrive so he can give his parents their present. This advert most certainly warmed our hearts – it’s bound to warm yours!

John Lewis – The Bear and The Hare 2013

“There was once an animal who had never seen Christmas,” the ad begins, before opening on an animated scene showing a bear walking along with a hare on its back. When the snow falls, the bear finds his way to a cave to hibernate, leaving his hare friend alone for the festive season. Until the hare thinks of the perfect Christmas present for the bear: an alarm clock.

John Lewis – Monty The Penguin 2014

Last year’s blockbuster spot, which featured a Tom Odell cover of John Lennon’s ‘Real Love’. John Lewis continues with their animal theme with the story of Monty, a penguin who dreams of love at Christmas time. Who doesn’t love a penguin? We most certainly do. Monty turns out to be the imaginary character a young boy has built up around his stuffed toy. Under the Christmas tree is a female penguin toy.

John Lewis – Man on The Moon 2015

Last years advert – the Man on The Moon, which tells the tale of a young girl who spots a lonely old man on the moon while looking through her telescope is our Social Media Manager Becky’s top pick! This heartwarming story shows the young girl trying to somehow get a message to the man to show that she is thinking about him.

M@S Mrs Claus – 2016

One of this years favourite is the Mrs Claus M and S advert! Which shows a young boy writing a letter to Mrs Claus after he ruined his sister’s shoes. To which Mrs Claus sets out leaving a glittery pair of shoes beneath their family Christmas tree. A lovely story about the love between siblings despite not showing it (which I’m just most of us can relate to!).

So there is our bite size mouthful of Christmas cheer. We hope it has put you in the Christmas spirit as much as it has for us!

Get festive everyone! (It’s the 1st December – we’re allowed to be Christmassy now)


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