Three sessions into a course of Lisa Cartlidge Hypnotherapy and I can honestly say I am already noticing a shift in my perspective.


I began seeing Lisa out of curiosity, intrigued as to whether anxiety was something I ‘had’ to live with. Prior to hypnotherapy, I recognised overthinking as an unalterable part of my personality, something which had to be accepted. At our first meeting Lisa reassured me this was not the case, she had every confidence that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy would result in positive changes to my thought processes.

A specific narrative is spoken by Lisa to initiate the ‘Hypnotic State’, this is recorded and sent to clients after the first session. It is recommended that clients listen to this recording each night as they fall asleep to relax and become familiarised with the content. For over-thinkers and insomniacs, having this resource so easily-accessible is like having Lisa at-hand 24 hours of the day.

Unlike traditional methods, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy focuses attention on an ideal and realistic future. Many alternatives spend time trying to get to the ‘root’ of an issue before moving forward, time which in my opinion is wasted. Generally, reliving reasons will only bring negative feelings back to the surface. Instead we should accept the past for what it is, learn from it and look forward.

Questions a client is asked in a Hypnotherapy session could include:

  • What would be better if the problem had improved?
  • What would have changed? 
  • What changes could you make to be happier?

Such questions prompt the visualisation of a better state of mind, centering attention to solutions rather than reasons. Clients are encouraged to focus on positive aspects of their lives, often challenging for someone struggling with low self-esteem or mental health issues. When a visualisation of a happier life is combined with the relaxation of the hypnotic state, a shift of perspective occurs.

To me this now makes perfect sense. Why would dwelling on the cause of an issue make a happier life? I appreciate the importance of acknowledging the reason to an extent, neither ignorance nor denial is the answer. However to dwell on this ‘root cause’ is to live in the past and as we know, the past cannot be changed. Once we have learned from a negative event we should leave it in the past, move on and be excited for a happier future. Lisa Cartlidge Hypnotherapy will help you achieve this.


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